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Argentine and Latin American Studies Program

University of Belgrano - Argentine Latin American Studies

The Argentine and Latin American Studies Program (PEAL) offers a boreal summer / austral winter five week term (June 22 – July 23) consisting of two courses in Spanish at intermediate and advanced level, and four upper division survey courses in Latin American Studies at the 300 level. Students participating in this program must choose two of these courses intended for majors and minors in Spanish. Courses meet four times per week for 150 minutes each class, and take a total of 60 hours to complete. All students must take a written placement test online which will determine if they are eligible for this program.

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(SPAN 155) Español Intermedio B

(SPAN 220) Español Avanzado A

(PEAL 305) Arte Latinoamericano

(PEAL 321) Literatura latinoamericana

(PEAL 325) Cultura y civilización en Argentina

(PEAL 329) Cultura y civilización en Latinoamérica


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