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Italian Language and Culture Courses in Florence, Italy

Course Italian Language School Firenze – Program

  • Winter, Spring and Autumn Course: 120 hours
  • Summer Course: 90 hours
  • Winter Course Tution – 650 Euros
  • Spring Course Tution – 650 Euros
  • Autumn Course Tution – 650 Euros
  • Summer Course Tution – 500 Euros

The course aims at enabling students to grasp the fundamental structure of Italian grammar and the more elementary forms of communication so that they can converse in Italian. Importance is given to the reading of simple extracts from anthologies. Particular attention is given to conversation on topical subjects or matters of cultural interest.University of Florence Italian Courses - Students


This course is for students who can follow a conversation on general subjects, who can command a wider vocabulary, who can write short essays, and of course read and understand the meaning of simple texts. The course aims at giving a good knowledge of grammar and to improve both spoken and written Italian. Students will undertake linguistic exercises, conversation, reading and essays writing during the course.  The intermediate course include a language laboratory.


This course is for students who can already follow a more complex conversation, speak on more specific subjects, read and understand more difficult texts and who can express themselves more elaborately in writing. The purpose of the course is to give students a good grammatical basis by enhancing their morphology and syntax notions and enriching their vocabulary. There will be reading and dictation of increasing difficulty together with essays, and other exercises.


This course is for students who have reached a good level both linguistically and grammatically and who wish to speak at a more sophisticated level. Since this is a University Center the course does not only deal with grammar and language but includes also lectures on historical artistic and social aspects of Italian. Texts from Italian literature will be read with an explanatory commentary. Only students who have passed the admission test will be admitted.University of Florence - Italian Language Students

Italian culture courses:

  • Italian literature I and II
  • Italian history
  • History of art I and II
  • Art and culture in Florence from renaissance to illuminism
  • Etruscan civilisation
  • History of music
  • Italian film
  • Italian eating habits and food culture


The Cultural Center for Foreigners at the Universta degli Studi di Firenze

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Services Offered to Students Studying Italian

  • The Secretary has a list of families who take paying guests, available for students. Students must apply directly.
  • Average cost: between € 400 and € 500 per month.
University canteen
  • Students enrolled at the Centre have access to the University services such as University canteen (€ 5,50 each meal).
  • Students can go to Casa dello Studente, Ufficio tessere-mensa (Viale Morgagni 51, Monday – Wednesday – Friday, 9.00-13.00 or Tuesday – Thursday 15.00-17.00), with certificate of enrolment, issued from the secretary.
Sports Centre
  • Students enrolled at the Centre have access to Centro Universitario Sportivo di Firenze.
  • CUS address: Via Vittoria della Rovere 40; tel: 055 450244 / 055 451789.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 13 am and 15.00-18.00.
  • Wireless and wired access to the Internet using a personal laptop is available at the Centre.