Budget Study Abroad in Leon, Spain. Spanish Semester at the – 1,200 Euros

Spanish Courses at the University of Leon

The Universidad de León offers a variety of Spanish courses for students interested in studying abroad in Spain and who want to learn Spanish. The university offers Trimester Spanish courses, Summer Spanish courses, and Intensive Spanish courses.

Trimester Spanish Courses at the Universidad de León

Approximate Dates

Fall Quarter / Trimester in Spain – late September / early October – mid-December

Winter Quarter / Trimester in Spain – early January to mid-March

Spring Quarter / Trimester in Spain – mid-March – early June

Each Spanish program consists of 200 total class-hours of Spanish. Students take a placement test on the first day of the Spanish program to determine their level of Spanish and to place them in the appropriate level Spanish course.

Cost (2013)

1 trimester: 1,200 euros

2 trimesters: 2,000 euros

3 trimesters: 2,800 euros


Summer Spanish Courses

Summer Spanish courses are offered in July and August. Students can study Spanish for as few as two weeks in the summer or as long as two months.

Summer Spanish courses aim to broaden ones knowledge of Spanish culture, helping students to progress in their Spanish language skills. These Spanish courses are offered at the University of León’s Language Center.

A two-week Spanish courses consists of 40 Spanish classes (20 Spanish classes per week). A month-long Spanish course consists of 80 Spanish classes. Spanish language (Spanish grammar and Spanish composition), Spanish Conversation, Spanish Culture, and Spanish Cinema are topics covered in the Spanish courses.

Cost (2013)

  • 2 weeks: 400 euros
  • 3 weeks: 550 euros
  • 4 weeks: 650 euros
  • 5 weeks: 750 euros
  • 6 weeks: 800 euros
  • 7 weeks: 950 euros
  • 8 weeks: 1.100 euros


At the course administration office there is a person solely dedicated to host family search, screening and placement, and who supervises accommodation for foreign students. Accommodation options include:

Host Families: full board in a single room (includes washing and ironing). Cost: €24 per day. The Language Centre has an extensive database of host families in León which have been specially selected to host foreign students.

Residence Halls: The Language Centre processes applications for all the halls of residence available in the city: : Fundación Club Balonmano Ademar, San Angustín, Emilio Hurtado.

Shared Flats (available only for full-time and long-term students): shared accommodation with other Spanish or foreign students. Prices vary from 120€ to 200€ per month per person, depending on the location and condition of the apartment. Gas, electricity, central heating and water bills are not included. The “University Housing Program” is a free service which offers advice and useful up-to-date information on available accommodation for rent in the city.



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