Cheap Semester Study Abroad in Spain. University of Salamanca – Semester Integrated Studies Program – 1368 Euros

Salamanca University Study Abroad Programs

The Integrated Studies Program offers foreign students with a high level of proficiency in Spanish unique opportunities to register for a wide variety of courses offered throughout the various Universidad de Salamanca degree programs. They can register for a minimum of two and a maximum of six subjects per semester.  University of Salamanca Integrated Studies Program

Foreign students:

  • Attend classes, alongside Spanish students registered in these courses.
  • Receive a certificate for the work they complete, which includes:
    • course taken
    • number of credit hours
    • grade received

For this, those interested in our PEI need to:


The program price will depend on the number of credit hours of each course.

Licenciatura, Engineering and Diplomatura courses: 52€/credit

Grado courses: 57€/ECTS credit***

General administration fee: 55€

Most of the courses offered are 6-credit courses (342 euros per course) according to the European Credit Transfer System (see paragraph below).

*** With regard to the Grado courses, already adapted to the European Credit Transfer System, their fee is consistent with the new measurement of academic burden of these courses within the adaptation process of the European Higher Education Area: 1 ECTS is equivalent to 25 or 30 class hours (presential classes with a professor and pupil’s individual work).

Payment condition

Students who have to pre-register before the registration period will have to follow the steps abovementioned for the registration. Pre-registration fee is 355€ per semester. This amount will be deducted from the registration total price

Students who want to cancel their registration will have to communicate it in writing. Furthermore, they will have to submit the original document Cursos Internacionales gave them to prove they had been registered.


General Information



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