Studied Abroad? We Won’t Hire You…


Studied Abroad? Yes, well we won’t hire you!

Study Abroad is an amazing learning experience. Academic knowledge, personal growth, the aquisition of a degree of cultural competency – they are all positives for both your personal and professional life. Study abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences out there. We know. We’ve done quite a few ourselves.

But we still won’t hire you. Sorry.

Why won’t we hire you if you’ve studied abroad and gained so much great knowledge (not to mention the great experience you had studying abroad)?

The reason is simple. Many (most, in fact) US students study abroad in Europe – and Europe has a lot of very affordable study abroad programs. But you most likely participated in a program organized by your university or organized by a study abroad organization that your university works with. Looks like you ddin’t look beyond.

And you paid way more than you should have. If you do that with your own money, how can we trust you around ours?

From our point of view:

  • You paid many times more money than you had to. That was not financially responsible.
  • You did not think out of the box and purchase the same program (think product or service in the business world) at a lower cost, thereby saving yourself money and preserving your capital for future investments.
  • You didn’t know there was a box to think outside of – most of the world’s students pay a fraction of what US students pay to study abroad and you didn’t even explore the possibilities outside of the box.
  • You probably took out a loan to finance your study abroad program, effectively increasing the cost to you over time of your study abroad experience … and leaving you in debt.
  • You might have even bothered your grandmother for money – you know, set up an account with a funding site and asked your grandmother and others to pitch in their own hard earned money to help pay for a study abroad program whose costs are too high.
  • You did not spend your money wisely, and you even spent other people’s money unwisely. Now everybody has less moeny. Do you ever wonder where all that money went?
  • You are probably in debt as a result – so you won’t be working in our accounting department.
  • Even worse, somebody convinced you that study abroad is that expensive.

So on your employment application we will note that you:

  • don’t seem to do good research
  • don’t seem to be financially responsible
  • don’t seem to think creatively, not to mention ouside the box
  • you didn’t realize there was a box
  • you make poor purchase and financial decisions, get yourself in debt, and
  • you don’t seem to think creatively to solve problems (such as the high cost of study abroad)
  • are very susceptible to marketing

You may have paid $15,000 for a semester abroad – you could have paid $5,000.¬†You may have paid $5,000 for a short-term study abroad program – and you could have paid $1,000 … even less, actually.

So, application…rejected!

In any case, we are thrilled that you did study abroad and hope you had a great experience! We know you did!

And don’t forget to thank your grandmother! We hope you brought her back something nice!

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