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Photography Course in Florence, Italy

Program Name: Italian Language Course
School: Centro Italiano Firenze
City: Florence, Italy
Term: Year-Round
Duration: 1 Month
Cost: € 660 / $ 718.74 * per month, tuition
Housing € 680 / $ 740.52 * per month, single room in student apartment
€ 756 / $ 823.28 * per month, homestay (half board)
Language of Instruction: Italian
Eligibility: Open Enrollment, anybody can participate. Minimum age 15.

* Euro equivalent in dollars based on current exchange rate

COURSE DESCRIPTION – Photography Course, Year-Round

Photography, video and graphics are the most important and widespread working disciplines of the contemporary world; with our professional courses at Centro Italiano, you’ll be able to develop your skills in the field of Multimedia, at both a hobby and professional level, according exactly to your personal needs. Take a look at the large variety of our courses, either to cultivate your hobby, or to enter competitively into the world of work!

Photography is everywhere, but few really understand it. With the professional courses in digital and analogue photography at Centro Italiano, you’ll be able to learn all the secrets of this complex discipline, both at the level of a simple hobby, and professionally. Whether you are an amateur or someone looking to make photography a profession, at Centro Italiano you’ll find the course that’s just right for you. Analogue, digital, fashion and commercial photography, editing and storytelling… enter the world of professional photography!



  • Fine Art Photography Course
  • Analog Photography Course
  • Multimedia Photography Professional Course
  • Digital Photography Course
  • Photo Editing and Storytelling Course
  • Food Storytelling Course


Open enrollment, anybody can participate. Minimum age 15.


Centro Italiano Florence isn’t only a language school, but a cultural center for foreigners and Italians who want to create and share language, art and culture. From an initial idea of offering content related to Italian language and culture to foreign students, the need became clear to open a general Cultural Center, aimed at both Italians and foreigners, which offers learning opportunities, which can at the same time become professional opportunities. We have a staff of experts for every creative field, and we make the means and spaces available to anyone who wants to pursue a creative sociality, from language to art, from the crafts to photography, from video to digital graphics. Instruction is by professionals from a variety of creative fields: photographers, graphic designers, painters, sculptors, video makers and artisans, allowing us to offer a deeper knowledge of these various subjects, and also with a view to enhancing job opportunities.


Activities: There is a weekly afternoon activity

Housing: Centro Italiano offers exactly the right kind of accommodation to best enjoy your Florentine experience, selected according to your specific wishes and needs.

All our lodgings share the utmost attention to their quality, cleanliness and convenience. We personally manage and control each accommodation, and guarantee the full functionality of all essential services (water, heating, wi-fi etc). Before moving in, our students will receive a brief description of the apartment, so they can evaluate it in a relaxed manner, ask any questions, or make any particular requests.


Online registration, open to teens, students, and adults. Visit the Centro Italiano Firenze webpage, and fill out the online registration form.


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