Semester in Bueno Aires Argentina – 14 Week Course – Univerdad de Belgrano – $3,030

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Spanish as a Second Language in Buenos Aires

Spanish Coordinator: María Eugenia Destefanis

The School of Languages and Foreign Studies offers intensive lower division courses all year round with complete immersion in Argentine life and culture. A team of qualified native Spanish faculty with expertise in applied linguistics teaches language courses using the communicative approach methodology.University of Belgrando Buenos Aires

Classes meet five times a week for 3 or 5 hours and take a minimum of 100 hours and a maximum of 120 hours to complete (see table). The course books are written by the professors themselves and published by Belgrano University Press.

Intensive courses are also meant to better prepare students for our PEAL semester courses (Programa de Estudios Argentinos y Latinoamericanos). Continuing students may also take a further course in Spanish language during the semester. For a better understanding of how to combine these courses, click here.

Students will be allocated to different levels on the basis of a written placement test that will take priority over past courses. Course capacity is limited to 15 students.

On request, we also offer special programs e.g. Spanish for the Professions (Medicine and Healthcare, Political and Social Sciences, Business and Law) and we can also train instructors in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.


Click to download course catalogueschedule of classes and Conversion table for the numerical scale.


Course Catalogue:

(INT 121) Español Básico This course is intended for beginners and false beginners. The general aim of this course is to provide the student with basic language skills. Students acquire and develop a basic knowledge of the language that allows them to communicate straightforward information in a familiar context. Classes emphasize production and understanding in communicative situations. On completing the course, students will be able to understand basic instructions, take part in factual conversations on a predictable topic and express simple opinions or requirements about the present, past and future.

(INT 151) Español Intermedio 1 This course is intended for students who already have basic communication skills. The general aim of the course is to extend students’ ability to communicate on a wider range of topics. Classes emphasize the active acquisition of grammatical structures and vocabulary. On completing the course, students will be able to keep up a conversation on a fairly wide range of topics and give short talks or write short letters and other texts on familiar subjects.

(INT 181) Español Intermedio 2 This course is aimed at students who have already mastered the main grammatical features of the language and can communicate in a fairly wide range of formal and informal situations both orally and in writing. Emphasis is placed on the use of precise and appropriate vocabulary in context and distinguishing between formal and informal registers. Special attention is paid to fluency and pronunciation as well as producing well-organized and grammatically correct written texts. On completing the course, students will have mastered all the major grammatical forms of the language. They will be able to express different attitudes (e.g. possibility, probability, doubts, and advice) using a good range of structures.

(INT 221) Español Avanzado The course is intended for students that have mastered all the major grammatical forms of the language and can communicate with relative fluency in a wide range of formal and informal situations. At this level, students are encouraged to consolidate and perfect their communicative strategies, both oral and written. Students are required to give oral presentations in order to improve their fluency and accuracy when speaking in public. Students also gradually learn to produce expository and argumentative prose. On completing the course, students will be able to speak and write about complicated or sensitive issues using appropriate and complex language.


Spanish Language Program in Argentina

International Applicants

Contact: Jimena Alcón e-mail: Oficina de Movilidad Internacional – Universidad de Belgrano Zabala 1837, piso 17 (1426) Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA. Tel: (5411) 4788-5400 – Fax: (5411) 4576-3930.