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Our business internships are designed to provide the interns practical work experience according to their qualifications, previous work experience, aspirations and personal preferences. The internships are for those who would like to acquire professional skills and hands-on experience in Costa Rican small to medium sized business’ with an established company abroad.



Advanced Spanish is required. Small Boutique Hotel offers the opportunity to learn about different areas in the hotel industry. This opportunity provides a general experience internship in the managerial area, event planning, front desk and general hotel management. Ideal for Hospitality Management majors or Hotel Studies and anyone interested in exploring hands-on approach to the Hotel and Tourism sector in Costa Rica. Good communication skills, proactive, customer service oriented and an enthusiastic attitude are required.

Law Office

Advanced Spanish is required. Legal specialty group office that provides legal services in different areas of law through a team of attorneys with extensive experience in different legal areas. Desirably the students must be pre law or current law majors, with the ability to communicate fluently in Spanish, assertive, proactive, and willing to learn.

Travel Agency

Advanced Spanish is required. The travel agency has a lot of experience in the tourism sector in Costa Rica. It is now focused on tourism aimed at young students participating in study programs abroad. Located within Universidad Veritas, students will have the opportunity to get involved in many extracurricular activities. Good communication skills, proactive, interest in tourism, and enthusiastic attitude are the requirements. Affinity and ability to handle and work with groups of college students. The intern will be working with national and foreign students.

Architecture Firm

The student will work in a leading architectural firm in Costa Rica; he/she will be working mainly in the areas of contemporary architecture, design and sales, assist in daily activities and contribute with ongoing projects according to the needs of the firm. Training will be provided in the management of programs of 3D architecture, such as: Animation, Auto Cad, among others. Good communication skills, proactive, and enthusiastic attitude are required. Architecture majors or students with advanced architecture knowledge are a plus.


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