Study Abroad in Paris, France – Winter Semester French Language & Culture at the Sorbonne – 1,880 Euros

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French Civilization Courses at the Sorbonne

Winter 2015 Semester – 1,880 Euros

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French Language and Culture Courses at the Sorbonne

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Semester French Courses


Admission Requirements

– Minimum age, 18 years old

– Must be in possession of a high school diploma or GED

– Must apply for an obain a residene permit for France valid for the intended period of study


The winter semester French courses as the Sorbonne consist of:

– French language and civilization courses

– Phonetics with laboratory work

– French civilization lectures

– 20 hour per week of French classes are taken

Date of French Courses

from October to January

Visa Requirements

visa (outside EU and more than 90 days)


Deposit – 300 euros

Registration Fees – 1,820 Euros


From Monday to Friday, this formula offers:

  • language classes that allow students to progress in learning French (grammar, verb conjugation, spelling, vocabulary, approach to literary texts, written and spoken expression),
  • phonetics classes that allow students to improve their pronunciation and also their comprehension and expression skills,
  • weekly lectures on various aspects of French civilisation.


All levels, from Beginner French to Advanced French


Registration for French Courses at the Sorbonne

1 – Requirements

(1) Minimum age requried – 18

(2) A national diploma equivalent to Fench baccalaaureat (you have to have a high school diploma or GED)

(3) A resident’s permit in compliance witht he legislation applying to the student’s country of origin (contact the French embassy or nearest French consulate for more information)

(4) If you plan to study / be in France for more than 90 days you will need a student visa. Obtain your pre-registration letter / certificate from the Sorbonne University’s French Civilization Courses Department – this will be required to obtain your visa. (You have to present it to French embassy or consulate officials when you apply for your French student visa).

2 – How to Register

The student must register (complete the registration process) in Paris. He or she must then take a placement test. The registration is final and no fees will be reimbursed.

Documents to be provided when registering

– Passport

– High school diploma or GED

Payment of Registration Fees

Total amount to be paid upon registration in Euros (checks payable to “Fondation Robert de Sorbon”). Credit cards are accepted. No cash.