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You might only have one chance to study Japanese in Japan, and if so then you need to make the most of your opportunity. By joining the learning community that is the non-profit Yamasa Institute, you have the opportunity to learn Japanese faster, more affordably, and in full cultural context, than anywhere else in Japan. Visit the campus and see for yourself.

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Aichi Center for Japanese Studies


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If you are interested in studying Japanese in Japan, please browse through the Program Catalog today and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We hope you can join us.

Please note that as places are limited, early application is advised.

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Nationality Mix and Student Body

When searching for an appropriate language program, an important factor often overlooked is the other students. However as these are the people who you will be learning with (and almost practising and/or living with), the origin, motivation and experience of the other students is vitally important.

This section contains detailed information regarding the nationalitynative language age, gender and education background of Yamasa students and also comparisons with the information provided by the Immigration Bureau and other Japanese language programs where it is available


Apartments, Student Village, Homestays

Whether you have considered it fully yet or not… your chances of successfully learning Japanese will depend very heavily on where you live. Most students in Japan cannot afford high rents. They often end up living in small substandard housing and spend long periods standing in congested trains, subways and buses during their commutes. If your accommodation is unsuitable, or crowded, or requires a long commute, or the duration of the contract cannot be altered easily and without fees, then you are going to find it more difficult to learn Japanese. If you have not lived in Japan before, please click here for information regarding leases and deposits.


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Student Services

Known at Yamasa as “Student Services” (it is called  in Japanese), this office will be your key support center after your arrival at Yamasa. Located on the ground floor of the Yamasa II building next to the library, the office opens early and closes late.

The staff members are all bilingual (there are 2 English speakers, other languages include Korean and Chinese etc), and they handle most of the day-to-day administration. All telephone inquiries to Yamasa are initially answered in this office. This is where fees for tuition and housing may be paid, all documentation such as letters of acceptance, receipts etc are issued, and your main source of advice regarding living in Okazaki.

The staff are available for all of your inquiries regarding


  • Housing (apartments, dormitories and the homestay/homevisit program)
  • Finance (bank accounts, fee payments, receipts)
  • Visas (including extensions, part-time work permits, “alien” registration)
  • Health Care and Insurance
  • Computing and IT support including cellular telephones
  • Translation and interpretation needs
  • Airport bus times, checkout procedures
  • Alumni services