Academic Year in Spain – University of Seville

Seville University Study Abroad Spain

Academic Year in Spain – University of Seville

The Universidad de Sevilla has what it calls a “Spanish Language + University Courses + Culture Program.” It is quite similar to the “Hispanic Studies” programs offered at other Spanish Universities in Spain.

And by “Hispanic” they mean Spain, Spanish, and things having to do with Spanish and Spain.

Who can participate?

Anyone 18 years and older who has a high school diploma (or equivalent)

The Program

The academic year program consists of approximately 700 class hours of intensive Spanish language courses and cultural immersion courses. The courses are taught by Spanish professors experienced in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

Spanish classes have a maximum of 15 students.

The course integrates Spanish culture in teh teaching and study of the Spanish language. In the program you learn and practice the language in a practical way while also learning about Spanish culture, traditions, and usage, which will enable you to properly use the language in different real-life situations.

The course includes organized visits and cultural activities in Seville.

The course is organized by the International Center of the University of Sevilla (el Centro Internacional de la Universidad de Sevilla) and course participants receive a Certificate of Attendance.

When you enrol in the Spanish program, you have to take a placement test to determine your level of Spanish.

During the Spanish language and culture course students are continually evaluated in areas such as class participation, completion of home work assignments, written expresion, oral expression and listening comprehension. The final grade awarded will appear on their certificate.

Housing arrangements can be made in collaboration with the University of Seville (housing fee is not included in the tution cost).

It is recommended that students complete at least 1 semester of Spanish before applying so that they get the most out of the Spanish language and culture program.

Tution Cost

The 2012-2013 prices are not out yet, so here’s a look at the 2011-2012 prices.

Intensive Spanish Course + Cultural Immersion

Duration Academic Year (September – May)
Total Class hours 700
Cost  (tuition) € 4,200

Housing Cost

The University of Seville offers housing assistance to students who plan to study abroad in Spain. Housing types include university residence, shared apartments, and homestays, among others.

But, because your housing cost will depend on which housing option you choose (and how much those options might cost) it’s difficult to pin down an exact number.

We did some research and dug up price ranges for Shared Student Apartments in Seville. Why? Because shared student apartments are almost always the least expensive housing option for study abroad students.

Shared student apartment – least expensive range 200 – 250 euros per month.

How did we get the price range? By looking at some websites and classified housing ad websites in Spain (sites are in Spanish, so already a proven advantage of speaking a foreign language!)


Residence halls: Average cost of a room in a University Residence falls around 476 euros

Homestays – least expensive we saw: around 460 euros / month, single room, breakfast only (homestays are one of the most expensive housing options)

There you have it – the tuition for an entire academic year in Spain: 4,200 euros.

As for housing – if we went, we’d pay 1800 to 2000 euros for our housing (we like affordability).

How much you pay for housihg will depend on how much research you do and how you want to live.