Intensive Spanish Language in Granada. Study at the University of Granada.

Granada University Study Abroad Programs
Program Name: Intensive Spanish Language Courses (CILE)
School: University of Granada
City: Granada, Spain
Term: Year Round
Duration: 1 Month (You can study 1 or more months)
Cost: € 759 / [currency amount=”759″ from=”EUR” to=”USD” show_from=false round=false] per mo.
Housing € 250/ [currency amount=”250″ from=”EUR” to=”USD” show_from=false round=false] per mo. student apt
Contact the univ. for homestay info
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Eligibility: Open Enrollment: No min GPA req’d, must have high school diploma; min age 16

Program Description

If you want to study Spanish in Granada, the Intensive Spanish Language Courses (CILE) are designed for those students who wish to start learning or improve their Spanish during a short stay in our country. An essentially communicative approach is followed in these courses along with the use of the most up-to-date audio-visual technology. The average number of students per group is 12.

The Intensive Spanish Language Courses are offered from January to December. The day before each course begins, there is a level test. You can follow these courses for a number of months with the guarantee that a group will exist at every level, from beginners to advanced, provided there is a minimum of ten students per group.

Extra-curricular activities, cultural visits and cultural activities are also available.

From October to December and from February to May, students who have passed level B1.1 (intermediate) Spanish can enrol in individual subjects from the Spanish Language and Culture Course and those who have passed level B2.1 (advanced) can enrol in individual subjects from the Hispanic Studies Course.

This course is compatible with the Internship Program for Foreign Students. Also, during the summer months different language and culture subjects are offered.

Program Cost

Tution – € 759 / [currency amount=”759″ from=”EUR” to=”USD” show_from=false round=false] per mo.

A month long Spanish course costs € 759 / [currency amount=”759″ from=”EUR” to=”USD” show_from=false round=false] .

Two month long Spanish courses cost € 1,484 / [currency amount=”1484″ from=”EUR” to=”USD” show_from=false round=false] .

A three month long Spanish course costs € 2,173 / [currency amount=”2173″ from=”EUR” to=”USD” show_from=false round=false] .

Housing – € 250 / [currency amount=”250″ from=”EUR” to=”USD” show_from=false round=false] per mo.

Expect to pay around € 250 per month for a room in a shared student apartment.

For the current cost of living with a host family, contact the accommodation service at the University of Granada’s “Centro de Lenguas Modernas”.

Program Structure

Spanish courses at all levels, specially recommended for those students who want to begin learning or improve their level of Spanish in a short and intensive time span. Classes involve 20 hours per week and these courses are offered throughout the year.Each month long intensive Spanish course consists of 80 class hours per month. You can study for a month or longer.

Housing / Accommodation

Apartments and rooms in shared houses

This option is managed directly by a third party company called Aluni. CLM has a collaboration agreement with them that allows you to get a 20% discount in the handling fee of the rental contract. Please fill out this form requesting a supporting document which you need to present to receive the discount.

Accommodation with families

This type of accommodation includes breakfast, lunch and dinner (full board) and laundry once a week. Students can have either a single or double room.

A stay longer than 15 days is paid per month.

Click here if you would like to become a host family

Student Residences

These are commercial establishments which provide accommodation to both national and foreign students. The minimum stay is a complete academic year (October-June) except in summer when reservations can be made for days or months.

Click here for a list of halls of residence.

Eligibility / How to Enroll

To register, visit the registration page and fill out the registration form for the program you are interested in. Then send in the registration form by email or fax, along with proof of payment (as instructed in the registration form).

There is no minimum required GPA. Recommendation letters are not required. The minimum age for enrollment is 16.