Spanish Studies Course. Universidad de Valladolid. Fall Semester.

Valladolid University Study Abroad Programs Spain
Program Name: Spanish Studies Diploma Program
School: University of Valladolid
City: Valladolid, Spain
Term: Fall (2 Oct. – 15 Dec.)
Duration: Semester
Cost: € 1,350 / [currency amount=”1350″ from=”EUR” to=”USD” show_from=false round=false]
Housing € 532 / [currency amount=”532″ from=”EUR” to=”USD” show_from=false round=false] per mo. student apt
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Eligibility: Open Enrollment: No min GPA req’d, must have high school diploma; min age 18

Program Description

This Spanish course is designed for students who wish to improve their Spanish and gain an understanding of the culture of Spanish society. The language lessons are participative and are aimed at putting grammar into practice, extending vocabulary, and developing oral and written skills. Lessons in culture afford students the opportunity to get to know and understand the way of life, customs and traditions of Spanish society and, in general, what the country is like. Students can also supplement their learning by taking part in optional socio-cultural activities and by going on trips (outside of teaching hours, and included in the course fees).

Program Cost

Tution – € 1,350 / [currency amount=”1350″ from=”EUR” to=”USD” show_from=false round=false] per semester.

The price for this Spanish program includes:

  • Inscription
  • Tuition
  • Orientation session
  • Guided tour in the city center
  • 3 full day trips on Saturdays
  • Cultural activities and workshops at the Language Center
  • Cultural visits to museums
  • Student card
  • Free Wi-Fi access in the campus facilities
  • Certificate of assistance
  • Closing ceremony 


Stduents must also pay for medical insurance, which costs approximately € 44 / [currency amount=”44″ from=”EUR” to=”USD” show_from=false round=false] per month.

Housing – € 532 / [currency amount=”532″ from=”EUR” to=”USD” show_from=false round=false] per mo. student apt.

Housing options include student apartments, homestays, and university residences.

Program Structure

The Diploma Course in Spanish Studies is offered at all levels, from Beginner Spanish to Advanced Spanish.

The course lasts 11 weeks and encompasses 165 hours. Students have 15 classes per week.

This programme of subjects is accompanied by a series of socio-cultural activities and trips to various places of great interest due to their artistic and cultural heritage.

The programme comprises the following subjects:

Spanish Language: Grammatical, lexical, and functional content, and developing the various skills (speaking, reading, writing, and listening).

Spanish Culture: Designed to provide an insight into the lifestyle and culture of Spain as well as its customs, traditions, and products.

Housing / Accommodation

Available housing options include student apartments, homestays, and university residences.

Eligibility / How to Enroll

Registration for this Spanish program is an open enrollment format.

There is no minimum required GPA. Recommendation letters are not required. The minimum age for enrollment is 18.

Once you have chosen your course, you must complete the online form in the section REGISTRATION.

This form consists of several sections and some of the fields are mandatory. Among the topics are those related to the course (to choose level, dates and duration), housing (family or apartment and dates), personal information (personal data) and the form of payment (credit card or transfer).

Once completed, the system will automatically send an email to the student with all the information.

In the event that the student’s preferences are different to those permitted in each course (other dates, other periods or different joint courses), please advise this to the following email: