Granada University Study Abroad Programs
Program Name:  Spanish Language and Culture Summer Course
School:  University of Granada
City:  Granada, Spain
Term:  Summer (June and July)
Duration:  1 month
Cost:  € 1,231 / $ 1,340.56 * tuition per month
Housing  € 250 to € 450 ($ 272.25 *  to $ 490.05 *) per mo. student apt
€ 950/ $ 1,034.55 * per mo. homestay
Language of Instruction:  Spanish and English
Eligibility:  Open Enrollment: Intermediate level of Spanish required. No min GPA req’d, must have high school diploma. You do not have to be a college student to enroll in this Spanish program. You do not have to participate in a US university study abroad program to enroll in this Spanish program.


The Spanish Language and Culture Summer Course is a combined summer intensive Spanish language and culture course that helps students improve their language skills and broaden their cultural knowledge from a range of Spanish and Latin American cultural subjects. Participants have 90 class-hours of Spanish classes during each 1 month Spanish program. Spanish courses in the program range from intermediate to advanced Spanish.

Spanish courses offered:

  • Spanish Language
  • The diversity of Spanish in the World
  • An Introduction to Business Spanish
  • Spanish Literature
  • Latin American Literature
  • Geography of Spain
  • History of Spain
  • History of Art in Spain
  • Spanish Civilization and Culture
  • Islamic Culture in Spain
  • Latin American Civilization and Culture
  • The Legal System in Spain and The European Union
  • Spanish Business Law

Cultural activities and facilities: As part of the Spanish Language and Cultural Program at the University of Granada, cultural activities are offered. Activities include Flamenco workshops, Flamenco guitar workshops, Theater workshops, Gastronomic workshops, Film Showings, Poetry recitals, book launches, and other events. Students also have access to the university’s facilities, such as the library and dinning halls.


Open enrollment. No minimum GPA required. Intermediate level (B1, on the European Scale). You do not have to be a college student to enroll in this program. Recent graduates, adults, and professionals are also  eligible to enroll. You do not have to participate in a US university study abroad program to enroll in this Spanish program and  you can also participate in this program prior to enrolling in college in your home country.


The Modern Languages Centre (CLM) is one of the leading institutions in Spain for language learning. Teaching staff are highly qualified, the administrative team is dedicated and effective, and the Centre boasts a wide range of services, a wealth of learning resources and endless extracurricular activities.

CLM offers general and intensive Spanish language courses for international students and staff at all levels (A1-C2); language and culture courses; and Hispanic studies courses.

It employs a thoroughly communicative approach, ensuring students can learn and practice languages in real-life situations. Native Spanish students and international students can also interact via a language exchange service. This exchange service allows you to practice the language you are learning with a native speaker outside class time, reinforcing the knowledge and language skills acquired in the classroom.


Housing: CLM has its own Accommodation Service which is open to all students enrolled at the Center. Students can choose the type of accommodation which best suits them from a wide range of possibilities (hotels and hostels, living in a family, student residences, apartments, flats and rooms in shared houses).

[Budget Study Abroad note: Shared student apartments are the most affordable housing option when studying abroad in Spain. Choosing a  shared student apartment can save you around $500 per month compared to a homestay, reducing the cost of your study abroad program (though you still have to buy your own food).  The University of Granada referenced Aluni as a site to find a student apartment if you are planning on studying abroad or learning Spanish in Granada.]


The University of Granada’s Spanish Language and Culture Summer Program is an open enrollment program. Participants enroll directly into the program. To enroll visit the website for the University of Granada’s Modern Languages Institute and fill out the registration form for the Spanish course and Spanish classes you are interested in.


Modern Languages Centre (CLM – Centro de Lenguas Modernas)