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BudgetStudyAbroad.com – the Site

BudgetStudyAbroad.com is designed for those of you with an appetite for international learning experiences before, during, or after your university studies. With a focus on international university programs and in-country language schools open to everybody, BudgetStudyAbroad.com lists the best and most affordable study abroad programs in the world’s most popular destinations. The study abroad programs and study abroad options listed on the site are both affordable and accessible.

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Near Alicante, Spain

In addition to language and culture programs, BudgetStudyAbroad.com lists business programs, art and design programs, visiting student programs and more. New programs and subjects are periodically added to the site.

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Siena, Italy

Contributors to the Site

Contributors to the site have participated in international university programs and in-country language schools in multiple cities in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, as well as having years’ of travel experience in Europe, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean.┬áThe time and effort required to put together BudgetStudyAbroad.com is on an entirely volunteer basis.

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Freiburg, Germany

Who Can use BudgetStudyAbroad.com?

Anybody can use BudgetStudyAbroad.com. Teens, students, and adults will all find programs they can participate in. While most of the programs require a minimum age of 18, programs with a minimum age of 15 or 16 are also listed. There is no maximum age for participation in the programs. With very few exceptions, you do not need to be a current university student in order to study abroad at the universities and schools listed on the site. You can participate in the programs listed before you begin your studies, during your studies, or after you have studied.

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Salamanca, Spain

What Makes BudgetStudyAbroad.com Special?

BudgetStudyAbroad.com lists the most affordable study abroad programs in the world’s most popular destinations for U.S. students, teens, and adults – these are programs known widely throughout the world but less so in the U.S. Programs listed on BudgetStudyAbroad.com can save you thousands of dollars over the course of semester and even over the course of a month-long study abroad programs, and they can save you many thousands more over the course of an academic year or gap year study abroad program. The site also includes up to the minute program pricing for tuition and housing converted to dollars.

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Paris, France

Tips and Suggestions for Study Abroad

On BudgetStudyAbroad.com you will also find articles and posts with information on how to enroll in affordable study abroad programs, affordable housing options, options for earning and transferring credits (if you want them – you don’t have to be a degree-seeking student to participate in the majority of the study abroad programs listed on the site), and other helpful study abroad information.

Study Abroad in Spain - Alicante
Alicante, Spain

Get Started – Popular Destinations

Have a peek at one of the most popular study abroad destinations to get an idea of the most affordable study abroad program types in each country.

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Study Abroad in Spain

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