Study Abroad in Spain - University of Seville

Spanish Studies Program In Seville, Spain

Program Name:  Hispanic Studies Program
School:  Universidad Pablo de Olavide
City:  Seville, Spain
Term:  Fall (September to December)
Duration:  Semester
Cost:  € 2,365 / $ 2,575.49 * per semester
Housing  € 868/ $ 945.25 * per month homestay

€ 300 / $ 326.70 * per month student apt (avg price – this university arranges homestays, but does not arrange housing in student apartments)

Language of Instruction:  Spanish and English
Eligibility:  Min GPA of 2.90 required.


The Hispanic Studies Program at the University Pablo Olavide in Seville has a wide variety of courses pertaining to Spanish language, Spanish culture, Spanish art, Spanish history and contemporary topics related to Spain. The Spanish Studies Program at the University Pablo de Olavide, like other Spanish Studies Programs offered at Spanish universities throughout Spain is an excellent choice if you want to learn or rapidly improve and develop your level of Spanish and your knowledge of Spain, Spanish society, it’s history, and way of life.

Spanish Courses Offered:

  • SPANISH 317 Culture and Society in Spain
  • SPANISH 319E Spanish Culture and History through Film
  • SPANISH/HIS 335E Historical Ties Between Spain and the US – SPRING SEMESTER ONLY
  • SPANISH/CUL 339 Tapas: A Window to Spanish Cuisine and Culture
  • SPANISH/HIS 346 Medieval Spain: Christians, Jews and Muslims
  • SPANISH/HIS 361 History of Flamenco: Theory and Practice
  • SPANISH 101-102 Spanish for Beginners (6 contact hours/week)
  • SPANISH 102 Elementary Spanish (3 contact hours/week)
  • SPANISH 112 Language Laboratory (1 contact hour/week)
  • SPANISH 201 Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPANISH 202 Spanish Reading & Composition (intermediate)
  • SPANISH 202 Spanish Reading & Composition (intermediate)
  • SPANISH 206 Spanish Conversation (intermediate I level)
  • SPANISH 226 Spanish for the Health Sciences
  • SPANISH 241 Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPANISH 246 Spanish Conversation (intermediate II level)
  • SPANISH 306 Spanish Conversation (advanced level)
  • SPANISH 311 Advanced Spanish I
  • SPANISH 312 Spanish Reading & Composition (advanced)
  • SPANISH 351 Advanced Spanish II
  • SPANISH 376 Spanish for Business
  • SPANISH 378 Spanish Phonetics & Phonology
  • SPANISH 381 Spanish- English / English-SPANISHish Translation
  • SPANISH 383 Basic Bilingual Negotiation Skills Spanish/English – SPRING SEMESTER ONLY

Students may also take other courses in areas disciplines including Business Administration, Humanities, Sociology, Social Education, Social Work, Environmental Science, Sports Science, Labor Relations, Law and Political Science.

The Hispanic Studies Program Includes:

  • Official transcript from Pablo de Olavide University
  • Orientation Session & Welcome Reception
  • Up to 5 courses (a total of 15 U.S. or 30 ECTS credits)
  • 4 cultural/social activities during the semester
  • Access to computer labs
  • Library access and borrowing privileges
  • Access to sports facilities (the gym requires an extra fee)
  • Reduced price day trips to nearby places of interest (Córdoba, Ronda, etc.)
  • Farewell Reception


Min GPA of 2.75 req’d.


PABLO DE OLAVIDE UNIVERSITY is a dynamic and modern university founded in 1997. It is one of Spain´s youngest and smallest public universities. Named after an 18th century Peruvian intellectual, the University is a dynamic institution dedicated to educating the men and women of tomorrow through strong academic programs, innovative research, and a highly educated faculty. The University has a population of over 12,000 students and offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of academic fields. UPO University is an excellent option to study abroad in Seville and to learn Spanish in Seville.


Housing: The International center offers lodging with Spanish host families with full board.  The Center feels that this is the best way to learn about Spanish culture and traditions and practice and improve language skills.  All the families have been carefully chosen and will do their best to make you feel at home and enjoy your stay.  If you are a vegetarian, have food or pet allergies or have any special requirements, it is important that you advise us beforehand.  We will do everything in our power to meet your needs.

[Note that this university does not offer shared students apartments as a housing option.]


1. Complete our Online application form or our paper application form
2. For our Hispanic Studies and PIU programs, we will need to receive the following documents:

  • Verified copy of your academic record (university transcript)
  • 1 letter of Recommendation
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Passport size photo

3. Submit your documents:

  • By email:
  • By post:
    Centro Universitario Internacional
    Universidad Pablo de Olavide
    Autovía A 376, Km 1. 41013. Sevilla

4. Your application will be reviewed for eiligibility and you will be notified


Hispanic Studies Program