What are Open Study Abroad Enrollment Programs?

Open enrollment programs at foreign universities are programs offered to students from anywhere in the world. Many of the programs are centered around learning the language and culture of the country in which the university is located. Some programs allow participants to enroll in regular courses with regular students at the university in addition to their language and culture courses. Anybody can participate – the study abroad programs are open to teens, students and adults. Also included in Budget Study Abroad are in-country language schools, which are one of the most affordable, flexible, and effective means of studying abroad.


Why are open enrollment programs so inexpensive?

Universities Abroad

Many of the study abroad programs listed on Budget Study Abroad are offered by public, in-country universities. As such, the study abroad programs are not for-profit. Rather, they are intended to spread knowledge of the language and culture of the countries they are located in. This, among other things, ensures that future generations of students, professionals, businessmen, and others have a working knowledge of the local language and culture – this fosters understanding, business, and other international relationships. Because participants can enroll directly into these study abroad programs, participants do not pay for the costs associated with third-party study abroad organizations, such as salaries, marketing, and administration. Furthermore, many third-party study abroad companies are for-profit companies, meaning they charge participants more than it costs to run the program. When you enroll directly at an open enrollment study abroad program, you avoid these costs and get a great deal.

In-country language schools

In-country language schools are an excellent value for the money. Most in-country language schools have smaller facilities and much lower costs than universities. Consequently, the cost of attending an in-country language school is very inexpensive (and the learning opportunities are excellent). Many U.S. students are unaware of how affordable in-country language schools are. Don’t have doubts about the inexpensive costs – they are very good.


What is the minimum age for participation?

For most of the programs the minimum age is 18. However, quite a few programs are open to participants aged 16 to 17 as well. There is no maximum age limit.


Do you have to be a college student to participate in these study abroad programs?

No. Enrollment in the study abroad programs listed on Budget Study Abroad is open. Anybody can participate. You can participate in these study abroad programs before, during, or after your university studies, and you can participate even if you have never attended college.


Are essays, letters of recommendation, and a minimum GPA required for admission?

No. Enrollment is open. No essays, letters of recommendation or minimum GPA are required.


Can you obtain credit for open enrollment study abroad programs?

Yes. Some universities and in-country organizations have agreements with U.S. universities or organizations that can help you to earn credits. In addition, you can obtain credits via:

  • CLEP Exams (College Level Examination Program)
  • Independent Learning Contracts

Why are open enrollment study abroad programs not well known?

In reality, the study abroad programs offered by in-country language schools and universities are quite well known throughout the world. In the U.S., however, they seem to be less well known because they are incorporated into many of the study abroad programs offered by U.S. universities and study abroad companies. Consequently, many U.S. students are unaware that they can enroll directly into these programs.